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HOPE KIDZ is our exciting, adventurous, and fun-filled children's ministry is designed to provide children with tools to develop a love for Jesus, God's Word. HOPE KIDZ are categorized by the following ages and levels:

The Crib: Ages 0-2

The Crib is designed for infants to toddlers who are not potty trained. Your darling will spend time in the nursery, where worship and play is designed to meet their needs.

The Sandbox: Ages 2-3

The Sandbox is just for those little ones who are eager to move and explore. Worship and play will keep our pre-schoolers actively learning about Christ.

The Playground: Ages 4 - Kinder

Your little one will begin learning important social skills through a variety of sources at The Playground. Worship, crafts, stores, and snacks help nurture them as they continue to develop.

The Clubhouse: 1st - 5th grade levels

The Clubhouse is designed for our thriving elementary children who soak up any and all ideas as they discover our world. Worship, lessons and interactive activities help them to make sketches of our world.



Your generosity helps us reach across the street and around the world!